Are You a Forever Alone Atheist?

Hello atheists.

I would like to ask you right now to decide which is more important for you: the pursuit of truth, or to maintain the belief that you are correct. You don’t need to answer me, just something to ask yourself.

If you decide that the pursuit of truth is more important to you, then please become more conscious of how you conduct yourself in discussions. Are you becoming defensive of your current understanding on a topic rather than challenging yourself to learn more? Be careful. It is easy to fall into the trap of taking the easy route in trying to convince others (through various argument tactics, like derailing) that you are correct rather than to challenge your own confirmation bias on a particular topic.

Yes, cognitive dissonance is shitty. If you feel yourself getting defensive because your knowledge is challenge, you might actually be experiencing cognitive dissonance. Disengage from the conversation until you are able to confront the possibility that you might be wrong.

forever alone atheistAnd now I’m going to go have a good cry. Big middle finger to all of the atheists out there who are more concerned with being “right”. The “big bad world” is bad, in part, because of people like you. Any time people like you are screaming to the world about the harm caused by religion all I see is a big neon sign that says HYPOCRITE. People like this are the same as the religious who cause harm – you neglect the emotions and well-being of others for your own ego and self-delusion.

Shitty atheists be shitty.

Love always, from a fellow atheist who occasionally suffers from Shittyatheitis herself.


6 thoughts on “Are You a Forever Alone Atheist?

  1. And yes, I feel as if I am a forever alone atheist. It can be a lonely feeling at times. I have always liked to think that Beauty and Truth (both with large, fucking capital letters) are the reasons why I choose to go on in life. And yes, it’s a choice for me. I have suffered with suicidal thoughts, depression, hyper anxiety, social disorders, and might have PTSD. I *choose* to be here right now. I cannot say what tomorrow will bring or even if I’ll choose to be here tomorrow, but for right now I’m alive. Beauty is a wonderful, truly marvelous aspect of reality to behold. Truth, however, can kick the shit out of you and leave you bleeding on the ground, hemorrhaging until you die. The death can be slow and painful. Sometimes your innocence is killed. Sometimes your romanticism is annihilated. Other times your “soul,” the very essence that makes you you, your modus operandi, the thing that drives you can be skewered, or completely changed. I have had enough of truth for a while now. I want more beauty.

    • Nathan,
      I, too, take each day (or, at least each week) as it comes, neither knowing what’s coming, nor even whether I’ll be here to see it. From what I know of Neeley, and what I’ve seen here among the responses in her comments section, it’s a good bet that you’re in safe company.
      I have grappled with, and continue to deliberate despair, anxiety, melancholy, and the trace consequences of past pain.
      And I, too, sometimes tire of cold, plain truth; wishing instead for the safe harbor and thrilling wonder of blissful beauty.
      For now, I offer you empathy, and greetings.

  2. One of the things that I choose to do each and every day is write. I write short stories and a ton of poetry. Most people think that I have an intriguing, worthwhile writing style. I can only say that I feel a sense of appreciation for such compliments. My artistic side, to be honest, is what keeps me alive. Without it I would have surely given in to the traps of nihilism, apathy, depression, and done myself in a long while back. I am still here. Everything that I have gone through has made me what I am right now. To be honest, Neeley, just saying that “I am still here” makes me feel like Morpheus from the Matrix series. I have been through a lot of heartache, some of it very recently. I have survived things that I never thought I would survive. Who knows if I’ll survive them tomorrow, but for right now I’m alive. What I need to stay alive now is more beauty, less truth, and maybe some companionship. Because life is bitter without a friend to hold, hear your problems, and support you through the rough times. Sure, sometimes you need to be alone to find yourself, and find myself I have done. Now I just need to keep myself. I’m not sure if that made any sense, but there you have it. 🙂

    I’ll be monitoring your page here. From what I have seen, I like.

  3. My fragmentary memory precludes me from citing details, but I retain faint echoes and faded simulacra of past encounters wherein I know I did succumb to the enticements of “VICTORY”; of trouncing the adversary, vilifying and annihilating the “enemy”.
    But I also know that, once achieved, such scorched earth triumphs frequently fail to deliver the longed for adrenal reward; or, at least, don’t supply an enduring rush.
    And that disappointment is only exacerbated by the knowledge that one has publicly humiliated another person while staging a transparently self-serving spectacle (that is, if one’s conscience is not attenuated by neglect).
    Entering into conversations online – whether to debate religion, street harassment, the President, or just differing fanboy views – ought not be like entering a Vietnamese hamlet with a Zippo lighter at the ready. Real emotional wounds ensue, reputations suffer damage, and the only thing anyone learns is whom to avoid.
    The very definition of a skeptic comprises the inclination to doubt all accepted opinion – that ought to include one’s own, to the extent that when someone issues a challenge, one respectfully considers their claims, and lays aside the napalm.

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