Insufferable Cunt’s Epic Cunt of the Week Award (09/06/13)

note-to-bossAfter a generally underwhelming week in cuntitude, this little bit of amazing showed up.

The Epic Cunt of the Week Award goes to a trio: Niki, Jess, and TJ. Retail work is shitty enough to begin with, but throw in an abusive boss and it can be hellish. Our trio did what most retail workers only maniacally dream about doing. Rage-quitting, done right.

Bonus points: I found out that shops in malls get fined by the mall management for not being open during regular mall hours.

This reminded me of a movie that I loved as a kid – Nine to Five starring Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda, and Lily Tomlin. The only thing better than Niki, Jess, and TJ’s big FUCK YOU to their boss is this particular scene from the movie featuring Fonda’s character giving a big, gun-weilding fuck you to the boss.


2 thoughts on “Insufferable Cunt’s Epic Cunt of the Week Award (09/06/13)

  1. I work for a huge US drugstore chain. I am misty-eyed right now. This is so beautiful, I want to buy them all a cake . . . or drinks. Or, cake and drinks.
    Even if the message failed to change Jamie’s character and behavior, let’s hope it deep, and painful, impression.

    • When I worked in retail it felt like shopping is what people do when they are having a shitty day and they need to find some underpaid individuals to take it out on.

      To make matters worse, the management was always various forms of inappropriate or abusive. One of my managers would, for some reason, feel the need to scratch his balls every time he had to interact with a female employee.

      They do not pay retail workers enough to deal with that kind of shit.

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