Male birth control injection: It’s like RAID for sperm.

dead sperm everywhereI am almost willing to start trying out the power of prayer if it might help make RISUG a reality.

“Dear Baby Jesus, please allow the Reversible Inhibition of Sperm Under Guidance injection pass FDA regulation. I know you are busy deciding on the outcome of sports and awards ceremonies, but it would be super freaking awesome if you could help us out with a birth control option for men. Thanks, you’re a swell little buddy, Baby Jesus. If you make this happen, I will pray for your dad to buy you a unicorn or something. Amen.”

dead spermFor those not in the know, RISUG is an non-toxic polymer which is injected into the vas deferens, and basically kills the spermies as they pass through the substance. It is not hormone-based, so no worries about that. The procedure is reversed with an injected solution.

The brightest, shiniest bit about this method of birth control? It lasts for 10 years!

I will bribe my two young boys to have this procedure done when they hit puberty if I have to. In fact, if it does not pass FDA trials I might take them to India to make it happen. The creator of this method, Sujoy Guha, has successfully used this procedure on hundreds of men in India… with a 100% success rate. Yes, a 100% success rate.

dead homer spermNo early grandparenthood for this Insufferable Cunt. Woo hoo! Come on FDA and Sweet Baby Jesus, don’t fail me now.


One thought on “Male birth control injection: It’s like RAID for sperm.

  1. I would gladly get this done. Of course, I’m not having any sex at all these days. Little good it would do me now. :p But when I was married and was having intercourse regularly, sure, I would have gladly had this procedure. I was paying an obscene amount of money on my wife’s birth control medications. She couldn’t work in Canada, and so the bill was mine to carry. Those things can get extremely expensive. I think we were paying over $350 for three months. Of course, having a fucking baby would have been more expensive, and much more of a hassle, so I was happy to do it. In the future, though, it would be lovely if this procedure came (haha) to N. America.

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