Insufferable Cunt’s Epic Cunt Award of the Week (08/23/13)

Hero: Antoinette Tuff

Hero: Antoinette Tuff

This past Wednesday at Ronald E. McNair Discovery Learning Academy, a school for Kindergarten to 5th Grade children, another mass-murder seemed certain. Some Guy With Guns showed up, putting the lives of the staff and 800 students in critical danger. In comes our Epic Cunt of the week – Ms. Antoinette Tuff, a clerk who works at the school.

Throughout a 25 minute ordeal, all recorded through a call made by Ms. Tuff to 911, we get to hear her heroic method of dealing with the crisis. Her voice is unwavering, even early in the call when she considers running but decides against it. Through very human interaction, Ms. Tuff slowly talks the man down from doing any harm. She humanizes the people at the school for the man, making him realize that he does not want to harm any of them. Instead, he begins to consider turning a gun on himself and ending his life in that moment. Ms. Tuff, with a beautiful sincerity in her voice, convinces him that there is still a chance at life by telling him that she almost killed herself the year previous after her husband left her. The man agrees to surrender and follows the directions given by 911 dispatch and relayed to him by Ms. Tuff. After he is lying on the ground in the assumed position, Ms. Tuff tells him that she loves him, that she is proud of him, and that everything is going to be okay. The humanity of Ms. Tuff and of the exchanges between her and the Guy With Guns is more than I am able to convey, so please do sit through the 25 minute 911 call to experience it yourself. Antoinette Tuff has said that she credits God for saving everyone. Ms. Tuff, it was all YOU. You saved everyone, including the Guy With Guns. Your calm demeanor and your humanism is what kept everyone unharmed, you are the hero.

Don't take their Precious.

Don’t take their Precious.

Where does the cuntitude come into play? It is really accidental on the part of Ms. Tuff. It seems that the more this story gets passed around, the more the gun nuts get pissed off. I have even seen people claiming that this whole scenario is a hoax, designed to… I don’t know… “take our guns!” I guess. The fact that their panties are in such a twist that this incident ended without The Bad Guy getting shot, or without innocent being killed as an example of how much “we needs our guns!”, makes me laugh maniacally with cuntish delight.  This potential tragedy is an example of humanism and the power of human connection, yet leave it to the gun nuts to make it about their precious guns.

antoinette tuff 2Antoinette Tuff, you are my hero on many levels.


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